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Need some extra cash?

We can help with that. Send someone our way and we will give you a little bit of walking around money!

It’s simple! 

For all services except social media set up, 1 Referral = $50 in your pocket!

We value you as a member of our community, this is why we have enacted a referral program. The best publicity is word of mouth, why shouldn’t you get paid for singing our praise? We can’t thank you enough for your referral, just a few things you will need to know. For every referral you send us, we will mail you a check but first:

  1. We must do our due diligence to make sure the system is fair for everyone. We will check with your referral and make sure they were sent by you.
  2. The referral will have had to complete an order with us before a referral bonus can be sent out.
  3. You will need your referrals information. This means their name at a bare minimum. 

After our verification process and you check out, we will send you a check! 

Since Social Media Set up isn’t a major service we offer, and the services cost less than the referral amount, we have come up with a different plan for social media set up. 

For Social Media account we set up, we will give you $5.

Ex. The set-up of 3 Social media accounts = $15 ($5 x 3 accounts) all for you!

According to federal standards, we are able to send you money that is tax free. This doesn’t mean we are going around the system. All funds sent out will be subject to a 1099-MISC and it will be your job to file taxes on your earnings. A 1099-MISC means that you will be an independent nonemployee of S&L Designing.
Anyone can submit a referral and claim the referral bonus, however this does not make you an employee of S&L Designing. All funds sent out by S&L Designing will be properly documented and submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

It's time to get your money!

All referrals will be paid by check and will be mailed to you at the address you provide. We do not store personal information so the address provided must be current. S&L Designing will not be responsible for returned mail or what happens to this check while it’s in the hands of the USPS, FedEx or UPS. If, for any reason, you did not receive a referral bonus after submitting this form, please reach out to us at the email address provided below. 

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