Over the course of history, products have emerged that have turned the world upside down… disrupting the norm and forever changing the future.

Just the way cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the entire monetary system of the world, KLOUDCOINS® is transforming the way the entire world thinks about global digital currency!

Living on Kloud9®

KloudCoins’® multi-faceted platform offers more benefits than any other crypto bar none! And we’re making them all available to EVERYONE for EVERYTHING, ANY TIME and ANYWHERE!

KloudCoins® Kloud9® platform of consumer financial services brings a decentralized, customer-centric approach to life, allowing total and unqualified control of financial circumstance. Individuals can chart their own destinies regardless of age or station in life with:

  • Instant deposit and withdrawal
  • Instant purchase of services, products and real estate
  • Instant funding and loan options with no maximums and no limits of use
  • Complete versatility in cryptocurrency investment options
  • Unparalleled flexibility of use
  • Undisputed tax protection
  • A radically safer, more efficient and more resilient banking system!

KloudCoins® is more than cryptocurrency.

It’s revolutionary LIFE SOLUTIONS!

The First Full Service Crypto Bank

Transforming Your Life Experience!

Individual savings ideologies

Corporate benefit packages

Spending practices

Real property purchases

Life insurance priorities

Merchant services

Funding mechanisms














KloudCoins® fully supports multiple causes that empower healthy communities and a healthy planet, including environmental and atmospheric concerns (an homage to our KLOUD® brand), poverty and homelessness, and currently trending health-related issues through our KloudHealth® programs.

At this time, we are proud to step up and offer the following two programs in support of world health:

  • KloudVax® Open an account with KloudBank® and either get vaccinated or show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination, and receive FREE KloudCoins®. (*Introductory Promotion up to 1,000,000 coins worldwide for better health on our planet. Terms and conditions apply.)
  • KloudFit® Open an account with KloudBank® and get paid with FREE KloudCoins® to lose weight and get fit. (*Introductory Promotion up to 1,000,000 coins worldwide for better health on our planet. Terms and conditions apply.)

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