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At this time S&L Designing is not actively looking for any new team members. However, we do (at times) contract out work. If you are interested in being a contract worker (1099 employee) please go ahead and read what we are looking for then submit your resume below. Often, these are the people we call on first when job openings become available. 

We are a little "untraditional" here!

When searching for a job you will often find yourself filling out application after application.  This becomes boring and tedious and at times can be discouraging. You don’t know if your resume has even been looked at, which in itself is frustrating. Here we want your resume and portfolio only. If you are selected, then you will receive a link from us for an application. At that point we will collect all of that vital information we need to know.  


Every resume will be viewed by a member of our HR team. We believe that algorithms and other programs that select certain criteria on a resume, doesn’t give us the whole picture about who you are. We also prefer resumes that are fun and exciting. Enough of the boring black and white, let’s embrace your creative side and see what you’re made of. Just be yourself!


We want to see your work. The more you provide to us, the better! If you don’t have a portfolio, that is also ok! We know that some people are either just starting out or switching their careers. We get it! If you don’t have any work to show us, we will want to see what you’re capable of. We will set up a pre-employment “trial-run” that will give us a better grasp on your abilities. 

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If you want to know the status of your application, you can contact us here. Typically job applications are processed in a couple of weeks, this means you will have an answer from us pertaining to a job with in 14 days. 

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